Heart of Fire Ministries


"Rev. Freeman awakened a spiritual gift in me that I never knew I had.  He is an inspirational teacher who loves the Lord and motivates others to use their talent and gifts.   Thank you. "      D.T.


"You started him (Dan) in kindergarten and he is still playing. I could not recommend a better

teacher! He loves guitar to this day. Thank you for your teaching spirit as well as your patience

and love for God."     B.T.


"I have known Fr. Gerard Freeman as a brother in Christ for over fifteen years.  We are members of sister churches in the Charismatic Episcopal Church Communion, and we first became acquainted when he and my husband were in seminary together.  Since then I have had the honor and privilege of collaborating with him as we joined our two ministries, Heart of Fire Ministries (his) and In His Steps Dance Ministry (mine) to produce full-length productions of dance, music, drama, and the spoken word.  I have always been struck by Fr. Gerard's deep connection with the Holy Spirit and his anointed ability to bring the stories of God to life through his music and story-telling.  His creative talents are purely God-given, and he uses them to glorify the Lord in every way possible while remaining truly humble. Not only is he a talented artist, but he is able to pass his knowledge and passion onto others, making him a successful teacher and encourager.  Working with Fr. Gerard or simply being in his presence is always a blessing and a pleasure."  Amanda Newcomb, In His Steps, Asheville, NC


Our congregation was richly blessed by Rev. Freeman's musical gifts during our services last Sunday. His love for the Lord was obvious in the songs he played and sang, both in his originals and while doing some of our favorites. He was flexible and easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a beautiful spirit-filled worship experience.

Dr. Kevin Lorenz

Emmanuel Lutheran Church Asheville, NC


Gerard Freeman is a committed man of God and has been since his initial commitment to the Lord. I was there when he was converted and also when he was filled with the Holy Spirit! He is an awesome Pastor , Teacher, Musician, Father and friend. He has a wonderful family who supports and loves him and loves me as well ( so I am biased) . For the last 31 or more years I have known him he has been a constant avenue of support, encouragement and spiritual resource. His music is scriptural and his doctrine is sound. If you would like to experience the love ,grace and mercy of God get involved with Gerard as I have done and don't look back.

Deryl Pendleton, Pastor


This man said "you gotta learn, but you gotta create too." I might as well have shook hands with the Holy Spirit. It was an honor to come home and play in front of my first guitar teacher. Gerard Freeman. Jason Cope, The Steel Woods