Heart of Fire Ministries

Jesus shows us in the Word that He was the Ultimate in being both Creator and Steward of the Earth. In John 6:1-14, He received a lad's lunch (5 loaves and two small fish), blessed it, multiplied it and fed 5,000 men plus women and children. Then after everyone was fed, He ordered that the remains of the lunch be gathered so that nothing would be wasted!  They gathered up 12 baskets full of fragments! We can learn a great deal from this story and other Bible lessons. These and other natural lessons from various areas of life teach on wise creative stewardship. Here are some ideas I have found to be beneficial in providing for needs without huge costs. Perhaps you have other ideas you would love to share. Feel free to pass them on that others may benefit from your wisdom and knowledge. I would love to hear from you on these. Thanks and blessings, Gerard.

Cell Phone Service .......Great Deals!

Freedom Pop.........Plans starting at $0 per month!


Republic Wireless



Home Phone 


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Heating and Cooling Savings

Lined curtains.............Keep warmer in Winter, keep cooler in Summer! Also darkens room for better sleep. Cuts down on outside noise!



Digital Antenna

Bring in FREE HD television from up to 180 miles away! No contract. 


 FTA Satellite TV System (Free Over The Air)